Mastics, Coatings, Adhesives, Sealants

Product Number Product Description
Vi-Cryl CP-9 Weather Barrier Coating
Vi-Cryl CP-11 Weather Barrier Trowel Coating
Chil-Pruf NF CP-21 N-F Asphalt Vapor Barrier Coating
Chil-Pruf CP-22/23/24 Asphalt Vapor Barrier Coating
Chil-Brate CP-25 Water Based Asphalt
Weather Barrier Coating
Chil-Perm  CP-30
Chi-Perm  CP-30
Low Odor
Vapor Barrier Coating
Chil-Perm  NF CP-32 N-F Vapor Barrier Coating
Chil-Perm  WB CP-35 Waterbased Vapor Retarder Coating
Chil-Seal  CP-50A
Chi-Seal  CP-50HV2
Combination Coating 
and Adhesive
Chil-Lag  CP-52 Lagging Adhesive and Sizing
Chi-Joint  CP-70 Flexible Joint Sealant
Chi-Byl  CP-76 Elastomeric Vapor Barrier Sealant
Chil-Lastic  CP-79 High Temp. Asphalt Coating
Chil-Stix  FRN CP-82 N-F Neoprene Contact Adhesive
Chil-Stix  Clear CP-85 Quick Setting Rubber Adhesive
Chil-Spray  CP-88 Sprayable Insulation Adhesive
Chil-Spray  NF CP-89 N-F Insulation Spray Adhesive
Chi-Rene CP-96 Polystyrene Adhesive
Fibrous Adhesive  CP-97 Calcium Silicate Adhesive
Encacel V Vapor Barrier Spray Coating
Encacel X Vapor Barrier Trowel Coating



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